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A writer, improvist, photographer, fully licensed scuba diver, and a practicing mad scientist.

"I study Science. psych!!!"


- me - 

Matthew A. Berry, H.B.Sc., Ph.D.*

NeuroArts Lab

Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour

McMaster University

Please allow myself to introduce myself: I graduated from the University of Ottawa with a H.B.Sc. in Psychology and am now a third year Ph.D. student in the NeuroArts lab in PNB at McMaster University. My research interests fall into two categories: the SCIENCE of performance and the PERFORMANCE of science. At Mac, I am investigating the psychology and cognitive neuroscience of theatre (gesture), and literature (narrative and storytelling), with side interests in creativity, humour, and improvisation.


Presently, I am attempting to develop a new field devoted to analyzing the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the
production, perception, and synthesis of these areas. I have been the first to
experimentally code and predict character production in actors.

Want more? Meet me in the DMs!

In Brief


​2021 - Ph.D. Psychology, McMaster University

2014 - H.B.Sc. Psychology, University of Ottawa

2010 - O.S.S.D., Aldershot High School


Grants & Awards

2018-21 - Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2018 - Stephen & Tina Wilson Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2018 - Ontario 3 Minute Thesis Champion

2018 - McMaster 3 Minute Thesis Champion & Top Science Prize

2017-18 - Dean's Award for Excellence in Communicating Graduate Research


2019 - Character mediation of story generation via protagonist insertion.

2019 - Acting in Action: Prosodic analysis of character portrayal during acting.

2017 - A classification scheme for literary characters. 

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